OrganoGold – How is it Cultivated?

Organic coffee cultivation is difficult but the fruits of the cultivation process result in a much sweeter unique tasting coffee brew. A typical conventional coffee farm uses 250-pounds of chemicals on the land and the crop to ensure optimum yield. Inadvertently, most of these chemicals are retained on the coffee bean and ultimately go into your morning brew. This does not happen during organic coffee farming. Farmers use completely natural pesticides, fertilizers and natural growing methods on virgin soil to grow coffee and produce coffee beans which taste different and completely fresh. Coffee is also the most traded crop in the world and organic completely natural coffee is in high demand worldwide.

Second only to oil on a worldwide scale, coffee is the most traded comodity on the stock market. Organic coffee especially is big business with over 13 million tons of the crop being harvested and traded annually. However, the price for the crop depends on quality. Producers of organic coffee have to ensure the best strains of the coffee bean are grown according to USDA standards and that the crop is processed completely without chemicals to produce natural organic coffee. This is where OrganoGold became prominent. The OrganoGold company realized that organic coffee was in high demand. They decided that just organic coffee would not be enough. Why not combine OrganoGold coffee with other great herbs to ensure better health for coffee drinkers worldwide? This led to the formation of or gano coffee or a healthy coffee variant that was organic and combined ganoderma extract to make a high quality coffee blend.

OrganoGold – What is Ganoderma?

OrganoGold produces ganoderma which is a genus of mushroom that is commonly found in tropical regions. This mushroom is extensively used in Chinese medicine as well as tropical local medicine to treat a range of diseases and conditions. The whole mushrooms as well as the spores are thought to have considerable effect on cancer, body parts like the kidney and the liver and on blood cholesterol levels. The spores are also supposed to boost overall health, improve the immune system, control blood sugar levels, control viral infections, fungal infections and bacterial infections. OrganoGold coffee combines the special organic coffee blend of the company with the spores of ganoderma to create a new health drink which is especially useful for the body. This combination of the spores and healthy coffee variant could increase the level of antioxidants inside the body and protect against aging and disease. In Chinese medicine, the spores are commonly referred to as reishi and local practitioner’s advice taking the ground mushroom and the spores in coffee. This masks the bitter taste of the spore but potentiates its active action on the body.

OrganoGold – Word of Mouth Popularity

OrganoGold didn’t have to do much publicity for its unique coffee as it quickly became well-known for its health properties. The internet and word of mouth popularity did wonders for company sales. Organic coffee drinkers were always aware of the health benefits of a good coffee. Organogold was the first to offer a choice of coffee that was also medicinal in content. This resulted in a huge surge in popularity for healthy coffee variants from OrganoGold and the company found it difficult to reach consumer markets spread far and wide.

Current popularity of the healthy OrganoGold coffee with ganoderma extract
The company realized that middle men were cutting into the benefits that they were offering their customers. As a result, direct marketing became its frontline business approach. Customers who loved the product where the first to be offered an active partnership with the company and there was no looking back after that. Customers were encouraged to sign up with the company and they were offered or gano coffee products at fifty percent off. They were the first to promote the product and encourage other customers to sign on. The chain continued and each person who signed up another not only got the discounted price on their favorite product but they also got a percentage of the profits that the bought to the company. It was and still is an extremely lucrative offer that is still open to OrganoGold customers. OrganoGold has become big simply on the products that they are selling. People will consume their healthy organic coffee for years as they like the taste and they trust the product. You can be a part of their success or you can be on the sidelines drinking the wonderful coffee. Put to rest any questions that you may have about an OrganoGold Scam. If you are curious and wish to try the product or opportunity, visit OrganoGold.



How To MLM

How To MLM

How To MLM

How To MLM – Where to Start

How To MLM - For someone just getting started in Network Marketing or MLM, this how to mlm will serve as a guide that will help make things easier. There are numerous angles or ways to go about building your network marketing business and you should always be using at least three. With that said, none of them will work if you are a quitter. It doesn’t matter where you are now as far as confidence, skills, etc. All that matters is that you are willing to put forth the effort and investment in yourself to become the person that you would like to do business with. While it isn’t a good idea to go out spending thousands and thousands of dollars on training right away, it is a reality that all successful network marketers will include on their how to mlm list. Anyone can become wealthy if they first believe they can, and second start forming wealthy habits. Wealthy people refuse to doubt their ability to succeed and spare no expense when it comes to their training and education. Whatever number of hours you decide to dedicate to building your business, you should dedicate 15 minutes of personal development to every two hours of business building. For a few recommended personal development tools read this article on leadership.

How To MLM – Which Method is best?

I’ve heard a few people of varying levels of success downing one how to mlm method or the other, and that’s just unfortunate. All methods work, all methods just don’t work for all people. So, what are the methods? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Face to face is the best way to go if you are comfortable with it. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll eventually have to get there. This method is easier if you have a large social or professional network (the type of person that will make how to mlm much easier for your team). For instance if you are a doctor or lawyer and are apart of all of their professional associations, still in touch with a good percentage of your High School classmates, joined a Fraternity in college, are recognized as a leader in your social circle, and /or made tons of friends in the Military, then this method will probably work well for you. While it’s impossible for anyone to deny the effectiveness of face to face as a how to mlm method, some are not as effective at it as others. A few of the other methods include, attraction marketing, purchasing leads, social media, pay per click, telephone broadcasts, posting flyers, direct mail, email, or newspaper ads, the list goes on and on. In this day and age, the information age, some will say that a few of those methods are outdated, but if you know what to say and how to say it, you can have some how to mlm success.

How To MLM – Where do I begin?

Where to begin? I personally recommend starting out with the warm market approach. You never know until you try. If you don’t have success with that approach, don’t give up on it, continue to practice until you learn how to mlm. I would next recommend generating some leads via social media, craigslist, and start working on attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is somewhat difficult until you’ve reached a certain level of expertise on something. I would first start out with Magnetic Sponsoring. MLSP (MLM Lead System Pro) is a complete education and how to mlm system set up for you and ready to go. Master the MLSP system, and life will be much easier. Whatever method you choose, always remember that your focus determines your reality. If you focus on success and helping others, that’s what you’ll have. Make it all about not finding yours but helping others learn how to mlm.


Leadership – What is it?

In the MLM industry and business of all types, it is said all the time “this person is a leader” or “that person is a leader. More often than not, the person being referred to as a leader is a top producer sitting at the highest position in whatever opportunity he or she is a part of. One could mistakenly think that a leader is one who enjoys massive success. That is true in most cases, but only in part. Massive success is but a consequence of the process that one undergoes to become a leader. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily make you a good person either. Think about it, was Adolf Hitler an effective leader? You betcha he was… he just used his  leadership for evil rather than good.

A leader is one who has focus, many talented people jump from company to company, strategy to strategy, etc…. never staying focused long enough to master one thing before moving on to another. Look at the late Steve Jobs and Apple. Apple dominated the PC industry during the 1970′s and 1980′s. Shortly after Jobs’ departure in 1985, Apple fell off into obscurity. In 1996 Jobs returned to Apple as CEO leading with a new philosophy, “recognizable products and simple design” i.e., the iPod and eventually the iPhone. The music industry, mobile / smart phone industry, and the world was forever changed. Thank you Mr. Jobs.

Leaders understand the importance of disciplining their disappointment. In life, people will disappoint, that is part of the human condition.

“ If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.”    ~Richard Bach~

Leadership – How Does One Learn it?

The U.S. Marine Corps teaches 14 leadership traits that all Marines must have:

  1. Justice – The practice of being fair and consistent.
  2. Judgement – The ability to think things through clearly.
  3. Dependability – Can be relied upon to perform duties properly.
  4. Initiative – Taking action even though you haven’t been given orders.
  5. Decisiveness – Able to make good decisions without delay. Get all the facts and weight them against each other.
  6. Tact – Can deal with people in a manner that will maintain good relations and avoid problems.
  7. Integrity – Honest and truthful in what you say or do.
  8. Enthusiasm – Sincere interest and exuberance in the performance of your duties.
  9. Bearing – Conduct and carry yourself with alertness, competence, confidence, and control.
  10. Unselfishness – Avoid making yourself comfortable at the expense of others.
  11. Courage – Remain calm while recognizing fear and having the inner strength to stand up for what is right and to accept blame when something is your fault.
  12. Knowledge – You have acquired information and taken the time to understand people.
  13. Loyalty – You are loyal to the people around you.
  14. Endurance – The mental and physical stamina that is measured by your ability to withstand pain, fatigue, stress, and hardship.

Just reading through and applying those 14 traits is just about all one would ever need to become an effective leader. All successful MLM leaders spend as much time and money on educating and developing themselves as they do building their businesses. Leaders understand one important fact, they are their business. Prospects join leaders not companies. The biggest fact to recognize the next time you are watching a leader speaking on stage, and thinking “I could never do that”, is that underneath that expensive suit or dress, are battle wounds from years of pain and rejection, the same pain and rejection we all felt when we made that first call to recruit someone into our business. A leader knows that pain creates strength and rejection is Gods protection.

Leadership – Where Does One Begin?

My personal recommendation for one seeking to develop themselves as a leader is to take action at day and development at night. Leaders add value to others, the only way to do that is to first add value to yourself.

Start out with these books:

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. How to Get What You Want (audio) – Zig Ziglar
  3. Building Your Network Marketing Business – Jim Rohn
  4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  5. The Magic of Believing – Claude Bristol
  6. Dare to Dream and Work to Win – Dr. Tom Barrett

Once the decision is made to succeed and never quit, I highly recommend that you watch this video: Leadership 101


 SCENTSY Review – The Company

According to their website, SCENTSY was launched back in July 2004 by Orville and Heidi Thompson. The Thompsons were introduced to wickless candles at a home party in Salt Lake City, UT one year earlier. Impressed with the flameless candle concept, they purchased the company from the party hosts Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan. The company is currently based in Meridian Idaho.

Mission Statement: To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.

The company’s main product is the Wickless Candle. It utilizes an electric light bulb-heated base instead of an open flame. The base sits beneath the upper portion of the candle, which is a container designed to hold dissolvable wax bars, aromas, and oils. When heated, these decorative candle burners are designed to spread the scent more effectively than traditional candles. The candles can last for 60 to 80 hours.

A consultant can get started for as little as $99.00. A few of the things that can be expected in a SCENTSY starter kit include:

  • Party Fragrance Testers
  • Demonstration Products
  • Business Supplies

In addition to the starter kit, the perks of being a consultant include:

  • Training DVD’s
  • Personal Website
  • Incentive Trips
  • Training Calls and Webinars and more

The company has expanded to Puerto Rico and Europe over the past few years and the growth continues. SCENTSY has been featured Forbes Americas 100 most promising companies, and the INC 500 list.

SCENTSY Review – Why People are failing in SCENTSY?

This is a very serious and legitimate question I am asking. The number one reason why people fail in SCENTSY is because of a lack of the proper mindset. Owning your own business comes with great responsibility, and if you’re not going to do whatever it takes to achieve succeed in SCENTSY, then you will not be rewarded very well for your efforts. But the good news is, you’re putting forth effort in looking for information on how to succeed in your SCENTSY business Great job.

The second reason so many people in SCENTSY fail is because they don’t know how to market properly. SCENTSY uses the old school traditional methods of marketing which includes approaching family members, friends, buying leads, hotel meetings, cold calling, wandering around in shopping malls, etc. There is nothing wrong with this strategy, and that’s exactly how SCENTSY became a world class company in this industry. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not comfortable with this (warm market) approach at all, and that’s ok, that’s where I want to help you, so I’m going to show you how to succeed.

SCENTSY Review – How to Succeed

Pay attention to what I’m about to say here, because you’re not going to find this after you go to your SCENTSY company training. If you want to succeed with SCENTSY, you have to become a leader in this industry. This does not mean that you have to actually do anything in SCENTSY or make a certain amount of money to be considered a leader, no, today, this day, YOU must decide that you are going to be the leader that so many people are desperately looking for. Leaders add value to others, which comes through acquiring the knowledge and the skillsets needed to succeed in this industry.

After you understand these important leadership principles, it will all come down to your ability to generate leads using the online. After you go through your company training with SCENTSY, I can guarantee that they do not teach internet marketing, which is really sad. Leads are the lifeblood of your business and without them you will not be able to talk to new people about SCENTSY and hence make any money. Generating 15-20 fresh laser targeted leads on a daily basis is critical to maintaining a sustainable business. Attraction marketing is the name of the game when it comes to marketing SCENTSY online. You have to be able to attract your best prospects to YOU, and with attraction marketing you will never have to chase anyone ever again to join your business. So what’s the best lead generation system on the Internet?


Click Here to gain instant access to the system that can propel you and your business to the next level.


Pure Review

PURE Review – Who are They?

Pure is direct selling company officially launching operations in 2012. The PURE founders are Dr. Becky Maes, Dan Maes, Troy Allen, Kip Herriage, and Karl Bessey. They are Sister company to Wealth Masters International. Heading up the PURE opportunity is Becky Maes MD is a board certified gastroenterologist and a nationally recognized expert on natural therapies for inflammatory diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and cellular damage from stress and the environment (, 2012). Both Dr. and Mr. Maes have experience as network marketers helping another start up health and wellness company grow to over a billion dollars in revenue.

If you are reading this review, you are probably a new PURE distributor or interested in becoming one, doing your due diligence… good job. In any case, here’s my professional opinion of PURE.

PURE Review – What are They?

PURE is positioning themselves as direct sellers of “toxic free” health and wellness products for the mind, body and spirit. PURE’s product line will include supplements, beauty products, a fitness program, pet nutrition, dental products, non-toxic cleaners, and a series of CDs delivering wellness knowledge in every area. The holistic approach to health and wellness has been on the rise as cancer, obesity and others have plagued the U.S. over the past few decades.

Although Pure is based in Sugar Land Texas, they’re not just launching in the U.S., they are launching globally. Their website ranking is almost as high in Australia as it is in the U.S. With a stated mission “to assimilate and distribute life-enhancing products and knowledge that will heighten our physical, emotional and financial state of wellness while becoming the world’s largest contributor of enhanced health and wealth.” They seem to be working every angle of the wellness pie.

Pure Review – Compensation

According to the PURE website, consultants will earn weekly commissions with a multilevel compensation plan.

With the leadership in place, PURE appears to be a solid start up company. Perhaps the next health and wellness giant in the MLM industry.

If you truly desire to be apart of that growth and prosperity, you will need a system that will consistently bring you 15 – 20 new leads per day. For a system that will do just that, click here to get started today!


Pure Review